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                                               Meat & Three Menu Price List

                                         Meat & Three          $10.00             Four Veg/Side Plate        $6.50

                                         Meat & Two               $9.00             Three Veg/Side Plate      $5.50

                                         Meat & One               $8.00             Two Veg/Side Plate         $4.00

                                         Individual Meat         $5.75             Individual Veg/Side         $2.25

Daily Menu


Beef                                  Country Fried Steak & Gravy                                         

Poultry                             *Southern Fried Chicken*        or           Chicken Salad on Croissant           

Seafood                           Grilled Cajun Catfish                  or           Salmon Patties                              

Pork                                  Pulled Pork BBQ                         or           Grilled Pork Chops                          

Item 5 (Any One of The Following)    Turkey & Dressing, Roast Beef w/AuJus, Country Ham, Meat Loaf

                                           Smothered Chicken & Rice, Chili, Beef Tips w/Rice, Jambalaya

Veg 1                                 Mashed Potatoes                                                   

Veg 2                                 Corn Casserole                                                            

Veg 3                                 Green Beans                                                                    

Veg 4                                 Turnip Greens                                                               

Veg 5                                 Mac & Cheese

Veg 6                                 Cole Slaw                                     or           Carrot Raisin Salad                                               

Veg 7(Optional, not always available)  Baked Beans                                or           Lima Beans

Compliment Veg (Optional)  Cornbread Dressing                   or           Rice                    

 Menu Changes - Not All Items Available Daily

Items with an * are only available on Truck #2 (Large Trailer) 

Prices include Tax